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D562984 Spinal Distraction Structure
D605,822 Recycling System
D713,010 Condensate Overflow Detection Device
D787,365 Decoration for an Artificial Tree
6,388,524 Hysteretic Control of Audio Gain in Response to Battery Conditions
6,856,720 Rotating Fiber Optic Switch
6,956,535 Coaxial Inductor and Dipole EH Antenna
7,015,142 Patterned Thin Film Graphite Devices and Method for Making Same
7,275,035 System and Method for Speech Generation from Brain Activity
7,351,607 Large Scale Patterned Growth of Aligned One-Dimensional Nanostructures
7,414,254 Tungsten Pig for Radio-Pharmaceuticals
7,439,501 Direct Write Nanolithography using Heated Tip
7,456,365 Electroactive Polymer Compressed Gasket for Electromagnetic Shielding
7,474,144 Radioed Feedback Body Voltage Bias Generator
7,496,711 Multi-Level Memory Architecture with Data Prioritization
7,541,881 Power Supply Noise Insensitive Charge Pump, Loop Filter, VCO Control and VCO
7,552,625 Force Sensing Integrated Readout and Active Tip Based Probe Microscope Systems
7,704,743 Electrosonic Cell Manipulation Device and Method of Use Thereof
7,705,523 Hybrid Solar Nanogenerator Cells
7,705,999 Probe Sensor with Multi-Dimensional Optical Grating
7,706,484 Coherent Frequency Clock Generation and Spectrum Managment with Non-Coherent Phase
7,707,522 Auto-Routing Small Jog Eliminator
7,709,732 Carbon Nanotubes Litz Wire for Low Loss Inductors and Resonators
7,730,779 Multiphase-Liquid Level Data Logger
7,788,429 Cross Coupled Unidirectional Data Ring
7,797,757 Cantilevers with Integrated Actuators for Probe Microscopy
7,856,238 Method for Mobile to Inform Base Station of Additional GPS Capabilities
7,898,156 Muscle-Driven Nanogenerators
7,925,857 Method for Increasing Cache Directory Associativity Classes via Efficient Tag Bit Reclamation
7,940,878 Unlock Mode in Source Synchronous Receivers
7,982,370 Flexible Nanogenerators
8,010,215 Structure for Selecting Processors for Job Scheduling Using Measured Power Consumption
8,039,834 Nanogenerator Comprising Piezoelectric Semiconducting Nanostructures
8,079,443 Aircraft Trim Panel with Integrated Adjustable Acoustic Properties
8,179,694 Magnetic Induction Grid as an Early Warning Mechanism for Space Based Microelectronics
8,214,917 Molded Microfluidic Fluid Cell for Atomic Force Microscopy
8,219,377 Multi-Layer Finite Element Method for Modeling of Package Power and Ground Planes
8,239,968 Athermal Atomic Force Microscope Probes
8,911,335 Athlete training and Monitoring System
9,018,101 Patterned Graphene Structures on Silicon Carbide
9,171,907 Graphene Transistor
9,178,446 Triboelectric Generator
9,243,442 Panelized Shadow Box
9,293,053 Aircraft Avionics Management and Control System
9,297,118 Superamphiphobic Paper
9,314,817 Three-Dimensional Vertically Aligned Functionalized Multilayer Graphene
9,371,992 Low NOx Burner with Low Pressure Drop
9,406,435 Misalignment Insensitive Wireless Power Transfer
9,409,337 Polyacrylonitrile/Cellulose Nano-Structure Fibers
9,466,418 Multi-Band and Broadband Wireless Power Transfer Through Embedded Geometric Configurations
9,474,488 Neurotrophic Electrode Neural Interface Employing Quantum Dots
9,571,009 Rotating Cylindrical and Spherical Tribolelectric Generators
9,605,694 Energy Recapture System for Hydraulic Elevators
9,640,333 High Surface Area Carbon Materials and Methods for Making Same
9,643,841 Graphene-Based Plasmonic Nano-Antenna for Terahertz Band Communication
9,644,859 Directional Air Jet System for Air Register
9,759,562 Hybrid MEMS Microfluidic Gyroscope
9,772,262 Diffusion Sampler
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